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branding, graphic design and typography


branding, graphic design & web design

Caffi Cynefin Brand


When Caffi Cynefin wanted to rebrand their fair and cafe, a rustic and traditional theme best represented them as a group and also the goals that they wanted to achieve.

Olly and Lizzy wanted the design to reflect their views bringing the community together and supporting local business.

Rustic charm that oozes with local roots


A hand finished style, created digitally, was created for Caffi Cynefin. From wood cut lettering effects to painting type on floorboards. This screams personal and approachable in the nicest way.

Caffi Cynefin never felt more at home with their new brand from the logo and brand application for the cafe to marketing materials for the fair.

Caffi Cynefin Logo Design


Caffi Cynefin Hendre Fair Poster Design


Bi-lingual poster design

Caffi Cynefin Branding on Apron and CratesCaffi Cynefin Branding Tags Design

Caffi Cynefin Brand

The brand for caffi cynefin that was created

exceeded any expectations.

Nice work.

Olly Green

MD and Chef Extraordinaire