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Frontside Studio Logo


Frontside studio’s logo has to be the hardest job I have done as I am my own worst client. What if we try this or try that or start all over again. I wanted to say everything about Frontside Studio in one bit of typography.

It needs to be fun yet show that it is professional. It needs to be street smart yet sophisticated. Most of all the “frontside” couldn’t be based on an off the shelf font and had to be crafted as the creative solutions that Frontside Studio brings are crafted for your specific needs.

If your logo or brand doesn’t represent your business well you need a new one.


After trying a few different styles, from modern stylised type to off the shelf fonts, I kept coming back to my roots which is hand crafted and personal, which is similar to my approach to any project.

I hope that this logo reflects the values to you that I have crafted into it. Now to get this logo on some self promotional materials.

Frontside Studio Typography

Frontside Studio North Wales

Frontside Studio Logo


I am my own worst client but through reflection

and questioning its purpose here is a logo that represents

Frontside Studio purely through typography.


Wesley Brelsford